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Dental services


Can pets be treated for tooth ache?

Dental disease is the most common disease we see here at our Allington veterinary practice. Almost every pet will suffer some degree of dental disease, so we ensure we can offer a range of dental services to cats, dogs and small animals.

Scaling, polishing and extractions can be performed at our Maidstone branch if we feel this is the best for your pet. Our emphasis is on preventative dental care, so we offer advice on dental diet and dental care for animals. This enables us to hopefully prevent further dental treatments.

We have a digital radiography machine, specifically for taking dental radiographs of your pet. This enables us to offer a superior service of imagery as we can take radiographs of diseased or damaged teeth and assess any further damage to jaw bone, roots or soft tissue.

All of our pet dental care prices are fixed – including top quality after-care which makes it less likely that your animal’s teeth will need further treatment.