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Where can I get my pet neutered in Allington ?

Neutered pets cannot get pregnant, or impregnate other pets; and it can reduce the risk of certain diseases. The procedure also reduces unwanted behaviours like roaming and aggression. Our veterinary surgeons can neuter your pet at Pennard Vets centre in Allington.


Why do we spay bitches?

  • Prevents unwanted pregnancies and seasons
  • It reduces the risk of mammary tumours later in life
  • It reduces the risk of an infected uterus
  • Prevents the risk of ovarian tumours
  • Prevents bitches from roaming

We recommend spaying at six months of age, before her first season. There are however, certain breeds where we recommend spaying after her first season.


Why do we castrate dogs?

  • Prevent testicular tumours
  • Decrease the risk of prostate disease
  • Reduce roaming
  • Reduce territorial marking
  • Reduces aggression

We recommend castrating dogs at six months of age.


We recommend neutering male and female cats from four months of age, as per current guidelines.


We recommend neutering male and female rabbits from four months of age.