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Beth Howard
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Beth Howard, RVN

 Head Nurse


I trained at Tonbridge from 2001, qualifying in April 2004. Since then I have worked all over the country gaining experience in equine, farm, exotic and small animals. In my last practice, I was the head nurse for eight years before joining Pennard Vets. I enjoy feline medicine and dentistry.

About me:

I live at home with my husband Greg and daughter Ruby who was born in 2014. My dad lives in Spain so we try to visit him once a year. We enjoy long walks once a week as a family and I take part in Pole Fitness to try to stay in shape and keep up with Ruby! In my spare time, I like watching movies.

Family pets:

Three cats – Drifter, who is deaf, Turbo and Dizzy; and Frankie and Ziggy the bearded dragons

I always wished I could:

Travel around North America and Canada, and speak Spanish.

Pet I would like to have:


When I can I:

Love live music and going to festivals.