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Therapeutic laser


How can laser therapy help my pet?

Pennard Vets can offer laser therapy to our Borough Green clients at our Tonbridge and Sevenoaks clinics .

The laser is a great new treatment for various conditions because the high intensity light particles stimulate the cells in the body to heal themselves, by doing this it reduces healing time and pain. Many rigorous studies have shown the benefit over a wide range of conditions from arthritis to wounds, but it is not a cure for all: some cases can be too extreme for laser treatment.

The treatments do not require sedation or an anaesthetic and most last between three and eight minutes. During the treatment the laser hand piece is passed over the area that needs treatment and the deep -penetrating light increases the circulation and brings in oxygen and nutrients creating the best environment for the damaged cells to heal. The response to the treatment can sometimes be seen as soon as twelve hours after the treatment but the effect is cumulative and most require several treatments for the greatest benefit. Most cases require up to six treatments and they can have laser in conjunction with other treatments.

Can you see why we are so excited?! It gives us the opportunity to treat you pet in a drug-free, pain-free and surgery-free way!