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Hydrotherapy is the therapeutic use of warm water (28C - 30C) and is one of the oldest treatments known to mankind. Water is used for buoyancy, for its hydrostatic pressure and for its thermal effect. These combined can lead to improved strength of musculoskeletal tissues, improved endurance, improved range of motion of joints, and improved cardio-vascular/cardio-respiratory endurance and a sense of well-being.

At Pennard Vets Sevenoaks, we offer the underwater treadmill. There are various forms of hydrotherapy, but we firmly believe that the treadmill is the most useful and versatile for most conditions.

We have separate washing and drying facilities for your convenience. You may choose to wash and dry your dog yourself, but if you need assistance we are on hand to help. You can bring your own shampoo if your dog is on a special skin treatment regime; otherwise we use a standard hypo-allergenic shampoo. For your pet to undergo hydrotherapy with us, your veterinary surgeon must have given permission and referred your pet to our hydrotherapy team. This is due to various indications and contra-indications for the use of hydrotherapy. We also advise that your pet is seen by our in-house veterinary physiotherapist for an assessment. This is to enable us to assess the condition or injury, and to establish the best hydrotherapy treatment plan for your pet. You can download a veterinary consent form from this website to print out and give to your vet. When you arrive for your hydrotherapy session, our hydrotherapist will ask you to read and sign an owner consent form, to ensure you fully understand the risks and conditions of use. When you have made an appointment for a hydrotherapy session, you will be sent a client letter, which outlines our rules and regulations.


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