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History of Pennard Vets


1895: DL Pugh establishes a veterinary practice at Pennard House, Sevenoaks. He was joined by his son LP Pugh and JW Bruford and the practice became Pugh and Bruford.

1983: The practice becomes Pennard Veterinary Group.

1980: Pennard Vets Borough Green opens as a branch of Sevenoaks.

1996: Pennard Vets Allington opens as a sister practice.

1998: Eton Vets in Tonbridge, which has been established for more than 60 years, joins Pennard Vets.

2015: College Road Vets, Maidstone, joins Pennard Vets.

2018: Pennard Vets Langley Park opens.

2021: Pennard Vets became an Employee Owned Trust.