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Here at Pennard Vets we recognise we have a responsibility to the environment and have been committed to reducing our environmental impact for some time by putting in place the following:




The cat litter we use is made from recycled bio-degradable material. We use washable scrubs and scrub hats.




Reducing our use of plastics by switching to cardboard boxes for dispensing pharmaceuticals.


We now have O2 generators that extract oxygen from the surrounding air and produces medical grade oxygen which we can then use in our anaesthetics.




We try to minimise waste and recycle everything we can and are currently using teracycle for food packaging. Clients can now bring empty Hills dry food bags and pouches in to recycle to our Sevenoaks location. Please make sure to wash out and dry the pouches before you bring them in - we cannot accept dirty pouches.


Reducing energy consumption by turning off all non-essential electrical equipment overnight, and we have been changing our lightbulbs over to LED low energy bulbs