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The issue of weight and your cat

The issue of weight and your cat
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One of the most common problems we see is obesity. When pet owners are recommended that their pet should lose weight, 90% fail without support. We all know ourselves how difficult weight loss can be but overweight pets have a shortened life span and are prone to conditions such as osteoarthritis, diabetes mellitus, heart disease and certain cancers.

We always want to give pet owners the best advice possible on providing their pets with a long and healthy life, including weight loss.


Meet Babou, he began his weight loss journey when he was just under a year old as he had reached 5.8kg. His owner brought him into our weight clinics and he started on a special diet, we also gave advice on how to get him more active.


Babou comes to visit us regularly so we can weigh him and check on his progress, altering his food quantity to suit him should we need to.


Over the past year, Babou has lost 570g – which is nearly 10% of his body weight. He only has a small amount to go and we don’t doubt he will reach his target weight very soon.


What worked for him?

A specially formulated diet which his owner fed over three meals a day – little and often. He’s also fed via an activity feeder to ensure he’s active, he eats slower and it provides him with mental stimulation. His exercise levels have increased by playing more with his favourite toy and a laser pen.


Is your cat a little portly and could lose a few grams? Then please give your local branch a call to book an appointment.


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As vets, it is one of the most common conditions we come across on a day to day basis, and it is one which is sometimes very difficult to discuss. Obesity is not just a condition affecting humans,  but is now being seen far too often within our pet population. However, there seems to be a great stigma when it comes to discussing pet's weight, understandably, as no-one wants to hear their beloved pet is overweight.

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