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Wispa's Worries - Desensitisation

Wispa's Worries - Desensitisation
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Coming to the vets is not meant to be stressful for either the owner or the pet. However, there are many pets which fear coming to see us and as such owners’ dread bringing them in. At Pennard Vets, we try and make your pets visit as stress-free as possible, but sometimes they simply have a disliking for a place. To help we run desensitisation clinics.

These clinics are designed to try and reduce the fear of the veterinary practice. They are run with a registered veterinary nurse initially, giving your pet time to sniff around the room, have a stroke, and some treats. As they become more confident, we add a vet to the room, moving onto a full clinical exam. They take both time and patience and a lot of trust building on all fronts.


We have had some excellent results. Wispa is a prime example of a stressed dog coming to the vets. She initially would stand in the waiting room barking at anyone whether they be pet or human. She wouldn’t allow an examination as she was so nervous about her surroundings, resulting in not only very stressful visits for her but her owners. We have spent a lot of time with her over the past five and a half months slowly integrating different aspects of a visit, while still giving her time and space. She is a regular visitor with Grace one of our registered veterinary nurses, who spends at least forty-five minutes every week with Wispa. We began slowly familiarising her to the nurse’s consult room, before introducing the vet. She is progressing well, with improvement at every visit. We can now carry out a physical exam along with checks in her ears with minimal barking, now mainly for a treat before she settles. Time and dedication have been incredibly important, not only from her owners but the team at Sevenoaks.


There are many animals who would benefit from these clinics. They take a lot of time and patience, but the outcomes are usually excellent. Both owners and their pets are less stressed by their visits resulting in a more pleasant experience had by all.


If you think your pet could benefit from desensitisation, please do not hesitate to contact your local Pennards Practice, where we will be more than happy to explain the whole process, and hopefully make the vets a more comfortable place for your pet.