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Good Dental Care is Essential

Dental disease is a problem that affects many of our pets both young and old and studies have estimated that 80% of cats and dogs have some degree of dental disease, from the age of 3 onwards.

The problem begins with plaque formation (a furry feeling on teeth) which builds up invisibly on the teeth and harbours bacteria. This plaque irritates the gum causing inflammation (gingivitis) and eventually infection around the tooth (Periodontitis).

The plaque eventually hardens (calcifies from minerals in saliva) to form tartar. This exacerbates the inflammation and infection, which will lead to worsening periodontitis with tooth loosening and eventually a tooth root abscess.

All these will produce symptoms such as:

Bad Breath –halitosis from decaying food trapped in periodontal pockets and infection of gums

Bleeding gums – due to inflammation

Oral pain – pawing at mouth and difficulty in chewing food

Bacteria from these dental infections can travel into the bloodstream and cause various complications:

Heart disease – bacteria settling on heart valves causing thickening and scarring (Endocarditis)

Kidney Infection – bacteria being trapped in kidney tissue (pyelonephritis)

The best prevention is frequent tooth brushing of your pet’s teeth, which removes the plaque. However we appreciate that this unless started at a very young age can be difficult for owners to achieve.

Due to the difficulty in some of our pets have with tooth brushing we have alternative options that can be considered for prevention. The nurses run FREE DENTAL CLINICS perform a dental examination and to discuss the best options for your pet.