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Its Chrismas….

Its Chrismas….
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We’re not sure about you but it seems Christmas has arrived early this year. We all know it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but it’s also a time when we need to take steps to avoid any harm coming to our beloved pets. A recent survey revealed 1 in 10 Dog lovers have had to go to the vets over the christmas period due to feeding them human food. Here at Pennard Vets we’ve put together a top five list of things to watch out for.

‘Food Glorious Food’ – So we all must know that chocolate is toxic to our dogs, but were you aware of the toxicity of grapes/raisins? Why and how is unknown, and symptoms can be difficult to predict. It’s safer, therefore to keep them far away from your pet.
Bones are best to avoid at all costs too as they can fragment and often ‘get stuck’.
Try and keep those Christmas cocktails away from your pets too as they have a much lower tolerance to alcohol than we do.
Too much fat can also cause an issue for dogs, so try and take note if you are tempted to give them anything off your plate that’s it’s not too high in fat.
That leaves mince pies truly out of the equation for dogs considering the dried fruit, fat and alcohol content, on the positive side however, it means more for you!
Decorations – Who doesn’t love something shiny? Unfortunately so do our cats. Try and avoid our feline friends getting hold of any tinsel as it can, if swallowed become stuck in the digestive tract. The same with dogs who may love to chew those sparkly lights, do take care to avoid any electric shocks.
‘O Christmas Tree’ – If you buy a real one please take care with needles as they can cause irritation. Also be aware of the water in which the tree is kept, it can harbour lots of bacteria and even contain fertiliser from the tree.
The Holly and the Ivy’ - and mistletoe, unfortunately are poisonous to pets! Poinsettia and Lilies are on the list too. So if you have such plants in your house take care your pet is not licking while you’re not looking.
‘Tis the season to be jolly’ – we all love a good Christmas knees up, but your pets probably don’t. So if you’re planning a gathering which will undoubtedly include the pulling of crackers, the popping of Champagne corks and some cheesy festive tunes, be sure to provide your pet with somewhere quiet, where they can relax and feel safe.

Have a safe and wonderful Christmas from all of us at Pennard Vets.