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Helping Hendrix

Helping Hendrix
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Laser therapy helps Hendrix get back on his feet.

Hendrix is a very dapper 12 year old German shepherd dog and since the age of none he had been having problems with his back and hips, especially on long walks and after getting out of bed.

After X-rays he was diagnosed with spondylosis in the spine and lumbosacral disease Spondylosis is a type of degenerative osteoarthritis of the joints between the spinal vertebrae, which cause bone spurs to grow along the upper aspects of the spine. Lumbosacral disease is the degeneration of the lumbosacral disc in the lower back, which can lead to compression of the nerves. Both of these conditions  lead to a lot of discomfort.

The big problem for the vet was that he was unable to have conventional pain relief, as this upset his stomach. Hendrix soon started stumbling on his hind legs and it was decided that he had also developed CDRM (chronic degenerative radiculomyelopathy). CDRM causes the fibres in the root of the nerves in the spine to degenerate. Although not painful, it causes dogs, like Hendrix, to lose coordination in their lower back and hind legs, causing their back legs to crisscross and suddenly lose balance. Dogs with CDRM typically knuckle their hind feet over as they lose sensation.

So once the laser arrived it was obvious that he would benefit from it and Hendrix’s owner started a course to help with his pain and co-ordination. Hendrix can get stressed in unknown environments so she wanted a treatment that was non-invasive, and could be done while Hendrix was settled on a bed.

Hendrix came to the practice twice a week for a laser therapy session as you can see by the photo, was very happy to be there!

After each laser therapy session Hendrix would trot around Sevenoaks very briskly and enjoy a chilled out nap by the pub. After 3 weeks his owner noticed that he was much stronger on his hind legs, and his co-ordination and hind leg knuckling had improved. Hendrix was even managing to go on long walks without stumbling!

Hendrix still comes in for his laser therapy every other week, and is always greeted with a big comfy duvet and lots of love by the veterinary nurses.

Laser therapy has definitely improved the mobility and day to day enjoyment for Hendrix.