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What happened to Winston?

What happened to Winston
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Winston was a 3 Month old British Bulldog puppy who came to the practice on the 17th July as his owner was very concerned about him.

Winston had vomited that morning and did not want to go for a walk at all; his owner also noticed he was breathing differently and just wanted to lie down.

After an examination from the vet it was clear that Winston did have a lot of trouble breathing and needed urgent medical attention.

The vet took some conscious x-rays of his chest, which Winston was very good for, this revealed severe pulmonary oedema (fluid inside the lungs)!

The vet discussed the different possibilities as to the cause of the fluid, one of which might have been electrocution but the owner did not notice anything unusual in the house, he had not chewed any wires or eaten anything unusual.

Winston needed intensive care and was on treatment for the next 2 days, he had different medication to help his lungs get rid of the fluid, he was in an oxygen tent to help him breath and other medication to help with pain, inflammation and infection.

It remained a mystery for 2 days as to why this happened to Winston until his owner phoned and said he tried to turn on his computer and found it would not work; he then discovered the cable had been chewed by Winston.

WINSTON WAS ELECTROCUTED! - As a result of Winston chewing through a live wire he was electrocuted and his body reacted by filling his lungs with fluid.

Two days after he was brought in Winston had further x-rays done which revealed the fluid on his lungs was slowly going, he was a lot brighter and now eating on his own. Much to the owners delight he was able to go home to carry on his treatment.

Winston had two further checks over the next week; he was getting better every time.

Winston is now 6 months old and comes to see the nurse every month for a weight check, he is a lovely puppy and very lucky to be alive! His owner is so happy to have him and has made sure all his cables are tidied away!

He was such a well behaved dog throughout his stay with us and was a star patient!


It is very important to make sure nothing is left lying around the house or garden when you have a puppy or even adult dogs as some of them will eat or chew objects that can severely harm them!