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Brrrrrr... it's getting colder...

Brrrrrr... it's getting colder...
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What can you do to keep your small furries warm as the temperature begin to drop? We've written some hints...

• Make sure you use plenty of hay or straw for extra insulation – don’t be stingy.

• You can use a cardboard box in their sleeping area. Fill any cavities with hay/straw.

• Vet beds are great at keeping away wetness, enabling pets to stay warm. They also wash at high temperatures.

• Heat pads – they need to be small animal safe. You can buy purpose made small animal pads which are heated in the microwave. But make sure they have bedding on top, as they can cause burns with prolonged skin contact.

• Insulate the hutch – you can either buy a purpose made hutch hugger or make your own using blankets and duvets. It may be worth putting windbreaks around your hutch too.

• Remember to insulate water bottles by wrapping them in bubble wrap or thermal socks/gloves.

• Clean out and check regularly – wet bedding freezes, so ensure your hutch stays dry.

• Bring indoors – if you are taking your pet into the house, do it gradually so they can acclimatise to the different sounds and temperature. Or put your hutch into the shed or garage. Please make sure they have access to sunlight and they still receive their exercise.

It may be worthwhile to start preparations now if you haven't already...