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Some final tips for a stress-free Christmas…

Some final tips for a stress-free Christmas…
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Just a quick last-minute post with a few reminders on how to keep your pets calm over this festive period.

  • Keep anything that may be toxic out of harm’s way.
  • Christmas trees and tinsel look like toys so if your pet has a penchant limit their access to them.
  • Lots of visitors can be stressful for some pets so ensure they have a safe place they can retreat to. Make your cats several hidey holes around your home, preferably up high.
  • Young children can be excitable and some animals do not appreciate it. Supervise pets and children ALL of the time and make sure your pets are treated with respect. Dogs don’t like to be sat on or used as a pillow.
  • If other family members are staying and bringing their own pets make sure they get on with yours. If they have never met, waiting until Christmas Day may be too late. Try to go for a walk somewhere before-hand on neutral territory. Have a plan to keep them apart in case your pets dislike each other. If the dogs are likely to be possessive over food or toys manage the situation as much as possible so there are limited opportunities for fights.
  • If you are taking your pets to stay with family make sure you take your dog’s favourite bed, toys and food to help them feel secure. 
  • Try to keep to a normal routine with your pets as much as possible. Make sure they are fed and walked at the usual times. This can help them to feel more relaxed.
  • Ask your neighbours to let you know if they are going to be using fireworks over the festive period. Put into place everything you normally would on fireworks night.
  • Make sure your small furries are kept warm and away from visitor’s animals.
  • Consider moving them to quieter places and do not allow them to be constantly picked up by strangers.
  • Do not put tinsel or fairy lights around their cages – or anything they can nibble and cause them damage.

We wish you all the most wonderful Christmas!