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'Lance' Canine Tooth

'Lance' Canine Tooth
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Have you ever heard of Lance Canine Tooth? One of our veterinary surgeons had a case recently in an eight-month-old labrador puppy and we thought you may be interested.

A 'lance' canine (or rostroversion of the upper canine tooth) is a developmental abnormality of the upper canine tooth, whereby the tooth points like a lance.

The lower canine tooth can come into contact with the abnormally positioned tooth causing pain.

In mild cases, it may be possible to correct the tooth placement using a device similar to human braces; however, in this case, the deviation was so severe that the best course of action was to surgically extract the tooth under general anaesthesia.

As you can see the tooth root is even bigger than the tooth itself, so extracting it is quite an undertaking!

We are pleased to report that the patient is recovering well from his operation.

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