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Have you heard of Feline Foraging?

Have you heard of Feline Foraging?
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How many of us place our cat’s food in a bowl and walk away?  But according to experts, that’s not how we should be feeding our feline friends. By simply placing their food in their bowl our cats are failing to engage their natural hunting instincts and more likely to become overweight. 

Foraging can help to keep stress levels in cats low, especially those in multi-cat households who do not like to eat together.

So how can you mimic foraging? 

  1. Food puzzles are a great idea to keep feeding times active, especially for indoor cats. They make the cat work for food and there are plenty on the market to choose from. 
  2. It’s recommended the food is split into several meals over a 24-hour period. It has been suggested into five smaller meals, but we realise this may be more difficult for those of us who are out most of the day. Automated feeders are available to buy where you can set the timer to release food at specific points during the day.
  3. Feed in different places and regularly change spots. We all know our cats like to survey us from above so high places are great for feeding cats. Be mindful of older cats and those with arthritis.
  4. Keep water separate from food and in a place where your cat feels safe. 

If you have any further questions please do contact your local branch.


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