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Pet BBQ Safety

Pet BBQ Safety
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We are well into summer and the BBQ season so we wanted to remind you of a few things for pet safety while you are grilling.

There will be some very tempting smells about making even the most well-behaved pet inquisitive, so what do we need to be aware of?


  • Bones – cooked bones splinter more easily and are a choking hazard or may lodge in their intestines. Signs to look for are gagging, vomiting, restlessness or a lack of energy.
  • Onions and Garlic – and other members of the Allium family are toxic affecting red blood cells causing anaemia. Signs that you can see are red urine, loss of appetite and pale gums.
  • Corn on the Cob – cannot be digested and can obstruct the digestive tract. Signs to look for are vomiting, difficulty passing faeces and abdominal pain. If you suspect your pet has eaten some we would advise seeking vet advice immediately.
  • Avocados – contain persin, which can cause stomach upsets and sometimes damage to the heart. The large stones if swallowed can cause obstructions to the intestines like corn on the cob.


  • Alcohol – A BBQ can be the perfect time for a summer beverage. Alcohol hits a pet’s bloodstream a lot faster than in people making it concerning if they get their paws on some. It causes a dangerous drop in blood sugar and temperature, which can lead to seizures and collapse.
  • Sugar-free drinks – some sugar-free drinks contain Xylitol (more commonly found in chewing gum), which is toxic to pets. Consuming Xylitol can cause a dangerous drop in blood sugar and liver damage. Signs to watch for are vomiting, seizures and collapse


  • Some pets will eat anything in the hope that it has some remnants of food on it.
  • Skewers/Kebab Sticks - These are sharp enough to puncture the throat, stomach and intestines.
  • Tinfoil and cling film – depending on the amount consumed these can cause an upset stomach, difficulty passing faeces or a blockage of the intestines.
  • BBQ – stay warm long after the cooking has stopped and an inquisitive pet can easily get burnt.


Sunburn/Heat Stroke- With all the excitement of the BBQ our pets don’t always appreciate the need to stay cool and out of the sun. Make sure there is a shaded area with plenty of water for them. Animal sunscreen is also advisable for them particularly the short-haired breeds.