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Dora's Dental Issue

Dora's Dental Issue
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Dora the 10-year-old spaniel came to see our vet Sarla at Langley Park one Wednesday morning looking rather sorry for herself, with a swelling below her left eye.

On examining her teeth, it was clear that she had a nasty infection with pus oozing from the gum above her left upper carnassial tooth.

Sarla suspected a tooth root abscess, and immediately prescribed a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories for Dora. She was booked in for a dental procedure the following Monday at our Maidstone branch.

By Monday, she was feeling better and the swelling had started to subside, but Sarla explained that it was still necessary to extract the affected tooth, so Dora was admitted to our hospital for the day.

She was given a pre-med and placed on intravenous fluids, and then anaesthetised. Her mouth was thoroughly examined and her teeth charted. A dental x-ray was taken which showed that there was a “halo” around one of the three-tooth roots of her left upper carnassial tooth, confirming the diagnosis of a tooth root abscess.

The affected tooth was carefully sectioned into three segments so that each root could be extracted individually, and the gum was then sutured back in place.

Dora’s remaining teeth were descaled and polished, to keep her teeth and gums healthy and her breath smelling sweet.

She went home from the hospital that evening, to continue her course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

At her post-op check, the following Friday, she was fully recovered from her anaesthetic and dental procedure, and back to her usual happy self!


At Pennard Vets, our dog and cat dentals are competitively priced as set packages that include the general anaesthetic (monitored by one of our qualified veterinary nurses), intravenous fluids, dental x-rays, dental assessment, extractions as required, descaling and polishing of the teeth, post-operative medication and post-dental rechecks. Please contact your local branch if you have any questions or for further details.


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