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Vomiting outbreak in dogs

Vomiting outbreak in dogs
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Not only have we seen a re-emergence of Alabama Rot recently there has been reports of dogs with vomiting episodes.

So, what do we know about this outbreak?


  • It has so far been noted in the North West and South of England.
  • We have had some cases at our branches.
  • We are not sure if it is seasonal or a specific type of virus/bacteria.
  • It affects both vaccinated and unvaccinated dogs.


Symptoms include;


  • Prolific (sometimes forceful) vomiting – about 4 to 8 times, it can stop overnight and restart the next morning.


  • No interest in food for a period of 2-5 days.


  • Quiet & Lethargic – this is the big one. The dogs we have seen have been noticeably lethargic for a few days after vomiting.


  • Diarrhoea – not all dogs have had this, but some have described light brown faeces or gravy-like diarrhoea.


  • Treatment is bland food and encouraging dogs to drink. It is also advisable to limit your dog’s contact with other dogs.


  • Most cases have responded to this and recovered.


If your dog is showing symptoms please do not hesitate to contact your local branch for advice.