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Meet our Cat Pet Slimmer Winner!

Meet our Cat Pet Slimmer Winner!
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When Timmy was rescued he weighed 14.4 kg and rather liked his food... this is his journey so far.

Hello everyone, my name is Timmy (but my close friends know me as Lord Timothy Tim of East Malling😊).  I’m about 16 years old, I know what you’re thinking that I couldn’t possibly be that age, but I am, honest!  I’ve had lots of changes in my life and my first mummy loved me a bit too much you see and gave in every time I wanted food.  The trouble is that if I’m hungry (which is most of the time), I can meow for England and I guess it gets a bit annoying, so the easiest thing was to give in to me, and it worked every time!  But this had a downside because I did get rather large, 14.4 kilos large in fact (think about your 7 kilo Christmas turkey and double it!).     As I was a large chap, I had trouble walking and much preferred to be laying down 99% of the time. I had to have a dog bed because I was too big for a cat bed.  A bit undignified to say the least, but it was very comfy to be fair.  That was back in 2017 and then in August that year, I came to live with my new forever family after my lovely owner sadly passed away. 


So, when I arrived at my new home, it was all rather different because for starters there was some other Floof already in residence called Oscar who was quite annoying if I’m really honest.  He was a lot smaller than me and lots more energy, but after a settling in period we became good friends.  We were a bit like Inspector Clouseau and his sidekick Cato (if you remember them?), who’s antics kept me on the ball and I always had to be at the ready, because I never knew where or when he would jump out at me next!    We had good fun Oscar and me.


But there was a problem with my new home, and it was the catering!  I’d had been used to a regular supply of nourishment; these guys were giving me minuscule portions!  I nearly had to call in the animal emergency services it was that bad.  You see, because I was plump, they’d taken me to a very nice team of people at Pennards Vets in Allington, who said that whilst I was very overweight, I was actually quite healthy in terms of all the tests they put me through (which was rather lucky I thought).   Anyway, they all fussed me like mad (I am partial to a fuss).  Karen on Reception (who I know is secretly in love with me), and Helena the vet along with Leanne the Nurse and more recently Chris the Nurse have all been lovely to me, so much so that they invited me every 6 to 8 weeks to a   free weight clinic.  That’s the excuse they gave me, but I know it’s because they like to see me and fuss me😊, and Helena always said that it would be a marathon, not a sprint for me to lose weight.  So, anyway, they pack me off with this huge bag of Hills Prescription Diet food and tell me that I can only have 30 grams x 2 a day.    Well, I can tell you that I wasn’t happy about that one bit and I made sure that I let my lot know about it too.  But they never gave in to my noisy meows and kept telling me that it was for my own good!   I didn’t know what to think.  They kept carrying me up the garden and making me walk back again and when I arrived back they’d carry me up again.  How stupid was that?  But actually it wasn’t too stupid because I started to feel more active in under a year and started doing things that I’d not been able to do for a long while, like attack a scratch post, wash myself properly all over and scratch an itch on my ear with my back paw-like other Floofs do, you know, just the basic things in life.  In fact over this Christmas time, for the first time I’ve been able to jump onto the sofa all by myself and managed to get through the catflap (I had to be coaxed with a Dreamie on this last one and whilst I did it, I’ve not felt the need to do it again and demand they open the door instead). 


So, to bring you up to date, I am now just short of 7.5 kilo’s which means I’m nearly half the puss I was when I started.  I still have more to go but my personal physicians at Pennards Allington will continue to keep an eye on my weight loss and will advise me when I get to a suitable weight. 


Before I sign off, I would very much like to thank the team at Pennards for advising my staff at home on my eating requirements and constantly guiding me through the last couple of years.  I am very proud and honoured to take the title of “Pet Slimmer of the Year”.  


Many thanks



(Lord Timothy Tim of East Malling)



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