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Dogs and the importance of sniffing...

Dogs and the importance of sniffing...
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Does your dog sniff at every opportunity? It has been calculated that dogs sniff 33% of the time they are moving and can identify at least 1,000 smells better than us.

This is how they collect their information - who, where, what. By allowing a dog to sniff each other’s scent before they meet in person can also result in a smoother introduction.

The most straightforward advice we can give - walk your dog to allow them to sniff.  Let them smell and keep their noses pinned to the ground, it allows them to savour and assess the various odours giving them lots of detailed information and improving their enrichment. Allow them to make their own choices and follow their nose from time to time.

Studies have shown sniffing makes dogs feel brighter, and using their noses regularly, makes them cheerful. Sniffing allows them to express normal, natural behaviour, therefore, improving their welfare and mood.

So next time you talk your dog for a walk, slow down and give them time to sniff, you may notice a more tired and relaxed dog at the end of it.

Don’t underestimate the power of your dog’s nose.