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New all-in-one Rabbit Vaccination

New all-in-one Rabbit Vaccination
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With the emergence of a new strain of virus affecting rabbits in the UK a few years ago we had to make some changes to our protocols to ensure they were protected. The good news is now we have an all in one vaccine for them.

Why do we advise vaccinating rabbits?

There are two fatal diseases we vaccinate rabbits against and these are called Myxomatosis and Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease.

Myxomatosis is a widespread viral disease that is transmitted by biting insects and contact with infected body fluids. This disease causes tumor-like swellings around the eyes, nose, mouth, and abdomen as well as immunosuppression and respiratory disease.

Rabbit haemorrhagic disease is highly infectious and has two strains of the disease. The first strain has been present in Europe since 1986 and the second was discovered in France in 2010. This disease causes sudden death and haemorrhaging of many organs.


Vaccinations and your Rabbit

Previously we would advise a 6 monthly vaccination of rabbits, one vaccine to protect against Myxomatosis and Rabbit haemorrhagic disease strain 1 and a second 6 months later for Rabbit haemorrhagic disease strain 2.


A new vaccine has been developed which incorporates both strains of Rabbit haemorrhagic disease and Myxomatosis to be given yearly. This single-dose vaccine means reduced injections given to your bunny and can be given from 7 weeks of age. We will be moving our bunnies across onto the new vaccination as their vaccinations become due.