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Dogs and Face Masks

Dogs and Face Masks
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It’s already difficult for us to see expressions on other's faces or hear them at the moment and our dogs are no different. Many of our pets are finding things confusing.

Masks are a regular part of life for us, but many dogs still may stress so as owners it’s our responsibility to familiarise our pets to face coverings reducing their anxiety. 

How can we help our pets to see face masks as the new normal?

  1. Start by covering your mouth and nose with your hand whilst praising them. Ensure they receive lots of praise and a reward for not shying away. 
  2. Practice giving commands louder whilst your hand is over your mouth to ensure they hear you.
  3. Once they are responding well try covering your face with a scarf or bandanna for a longer period of time.
  4. Start to walk around the house, garden, and give clear commands, praise for every positive response.
  5. Then introduce your mask. Let them sniff it before covering your face with it. Carry on as normal praising, rewarding, and acting normal.
  6. It’s worthwhile repeating the process with other family members and having guests appear at your door wearing their masks.

If you have any other questions or concerns please do contact your local branch for advice.