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What if my pet goes missing?

What if my pet goes missing?
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When pets go missing it can be extremely stressful for all involved but we’ve written some tips to help reunite you with your pet. 

Spend fifteen to thirty minutes calling around your home. Shake their treat box and try to sound cheerful. If they do come back praise and reward them, under no circumstances scold them.

Most Importantly - If you think your pet was stolen – call the police.

Call your local veterinary practices

Informing all vets in your local area that your pet is missing means that if anyone brings your pet to the practice, they are already on the lookout. It is helpful to give them a full description including: 

  • Age
  • Breed
  • Colour 
  • Any unusual markings
  • If they are microchipped or not 
  • If they are wearing a collar 
  • Where they were last seen 
  • What direction they were headed in (if seen) 

Call your local dog warden

The local council are legally responsible for collecting strays and are obliged to keep them for at least seven days.

Contact local rescue and rehoming centres

So, they are aware and have a description should your pet be taken to them.

Inform the microchip company 

Inform your microchip company that your pet is missing. It is also a good time to double check that all your contact information is correct. 

Ask your neighbours to check sheds/garages 

Sometimes our pets can be trapped in spaces all too close to home, it's always worth letting your neighbours know your pet is missing and to look in any hiding places such as sheds and garages.

Creating posters and adding information on local community social media pages can be another great way to show what your pet looks like and inform people they are missing. 

Register your pet on sites such as Dog Lost, National Pet Register and Animal Search UK.

Contact your pet insurance company

Let them know they are missing – depending on your policy it may cover any costs, they can also give advice and ideas to help you find them.

How can I make sure my pet will be reunited with me? 

By ensuring any contact details at your vets and your microchip company are up to date including phone numbers, addresses and emails. 

Once I have been reunited with my pet 

Please inform your vets and the microchip company that you have been reunited. If your pet has been missing for a long time, and has any injury or any signs of illness your pet should be checked by a vet. 

Call your local practice should you need any advice.