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Christmas Gift Ideas for your Pet

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Pet
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The market is awash with gifts for your pet and it’s often difficult to decide on what to buy.  We’ve separated our top gifts into four categories to help that decision making a little easier.

Pampered Pooches

Durable – For the chewer of the family!  Kong – Built to chew toy.  The way it bounces keeps dogs intrigued, along with a soft mouth feel and its super durability makes it a must have. Fill with their favourite treat and they’ll be content for hours.  Nylabone – also produce durable bones for powerful chewers.  The bristles raised during chewing can help to clean teeth and control plaque build-up.  Both items vary in size and price depending on your dog’s breed and can be bought in our veterinary practice.

Homemade – How about making your dog a biscuit wreath? There are plenty of ideas on how to do this on the internet. It can be used simply for decoration or like an advent calendar with your dog receiving a biscuit treat every day until Christmas.

Safety Factor – If you’ve visited one of our branches recently you will have seen on display the Rogz Safety Light’s that attach to your dog’s collar.  These are great for dog walking in the darker winter months.  The light can be seen by cars, and if your dog is off the lead, you’ll have visibility.  The lights come in different colours and flash should you wish, so if you have several dogs or are walking with friends you can see which dog is where!

Pamper – How about a Paw Care Balm? There are several on the market (Mushers Secret Foot Wax, Ollie & Co. Paw Balm, I ❤️ PetHead Oatmeal Paw Butter) which help to keep paws moisturised and crack free during the winter months, as well as offering protection against salt and ice.


Fantastic Felines

Durable – There is now an indestructible Kitty Kong which can be filled with treats or catnip – whichever your cat prefers. Or how about an interactive food dispenser? As they knock the ball about and use up some energy, food is dispensed.

Homemade – How long do we unwrap a parcel before our cats are jumping into the empty box? So why not create a wonderful cat castle from a used box or a cat hammock… the options are never ending.

Safety Factor – How about a cool cat collar? have a selection of super reflective, fluorescent collars so in these dark nights you can reassured they are more visible when outside.  They come in several colours including fluorescent yellow, are velvet on the inside so soft on kitty’s neck, have a breakaway clasp and a bell to prevent those hunters bringing any unwanted gifts home. 

Pamper – How about a luxurious cat bed? There are some beauties out there, which completely vary in price. From the stylish Cat Pod to the original fur donut style, there are endless choices.


Whatever you decide to buy or make for your pet this year, we are sure they will love it.