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Pet Health Club value summary


Would you like the peace of mind that you are doing the right thing for your beloved pet?

At Pennard Vets we have just the solution you have been looking for; we call it The Pet Health Club. Simple to join and affordable for all, it’s a convenient and great value way to look after your four-legged furry friend from this day forward.

By handling everything from vaccinations to flea and worming treatment we are proud to provide the comprehensive and caring service that you can trust. We love animals and will never want to see one go without, so we now include ALL of our consultations in the Pet Health Club fee.  That way you can sleep easy knowing that your special friend will receive unlimited care, value and expert advice right the way through their life.

Your plan includes:  

  • Unlimited vet and nurse consultations
  • Core Vaccinations as recommended for your pet's age
  • Routine flea and worm control, as recommended by us
  • Unlimited nail clips and anal gland checks as advised
  • Annual senior blood and urine tests plus blood pressure check

“All of the value, convenience, peace of mind and good health care” 
“You also know you have a constant connection with the vets in case anything happens”
“I think it’s good value for money and if you have any concern, they deal with it”
 Monthly fees




Up to 40kg


Large – 40.1kg and over

Call and speak to a member of the team



Up to 40kg


Large – 40.1kg and over

Call and speak to a member of the team














How do I join?

Simply come into the practice to complete a simple application form with your bank details. Then let us do the rest.



Pennard Vets Health Club can provide you with a simple money-saving way to give your cat or dog the regular preventative treatments he or she needs.

Club prices start from as little as £8.50 for rabbits, £18.50 for cats and from £25.50 for dogs and includes unlimited consultations,  year-round flea and worm treatments as well as yearly booster vaccinations, a 10 point health check as well as 20% off all Hills Food (sold in practice), 10% off neutering and in-house dental procedures and 10% off long-term drugs bought from the practice. For our older pets, the plan includes further essential tests to check organ function, blood pressure and urine tests. From puppies to senior dogs, kittens to senior cats there is a right plan to suit you and your beloved pet.

This is NOT insurance but covers your pet for all the preventative treatment you are already paying for, so why not get a discount and other benefits by joining the scheme.

  • A new, easy cost-effective way to spread the cost of your pet's essential healthcare, including vaccination, flea, worm and other parasite treatments.
  • A Health Check Record Book to allow you and your vet to monitor and record your pet's health;
  • Plans to suit your pet, whatever its age or size;
  • A health plan that works well on its own or alongside pet insurance;
  • The chance to diagnose and manage earlier any health issues your pet may develop
  • Reassurance that you are providing the best care for your pet throughout its life.

Please feel free to contact the practice for more information by phoning us or by popping in, we can fill out a form for you. Alternatively, you can phone Pet Health Club for free on 0800 169 9958

You pay for your Pet Health Club monthly by a simple Direct Debit so you spread the cost of your regular veterinary needs and save money too. Pet Health Plans give you the reassurance of knowing that you are providing the best possible protection and care for the pet you love.

A Pet Health Club makes it easy for you to protect your pet and your family against preventable diseases and discomfort by making sure your pet's vaccinations, flea, worm and other parasite treatments are kept up-to-date. Plus, regular check-ups and early diagnosis of any potential health issues will help your pet to enjoy a long and healthy life.



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