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We believe you and your pet deserve the best experience possible every time you visit.

We treat each pet as an individual providing them with the space, care and personal attention they need to feel safe, secure and respected.

Our pledges to you and your pet;

  • We want your pet to be happy when they walk through the door. We will make every effort to reduce any fear, anxiety and stress.
  • We have separate cat and dog waiting areas OR you will be given the option of waiting in your car.
  • We use pet-friendly pheromone diffusers in our consult rooms and hospitals.
  • Bring your pet in hungry – we will be giving delicious treats to distract your pet from procedures and give him a reward.
  • We use non-slip surfaces, pheromone infused towels and bedding in blue as pets find this a less startling colour.
  • We can prescribe anti-anxiety or other calming medications to help make the car ride more enjoyable and less frightening.
  • We will note your pet’s emotional response to the visits and what treats your pet liked best. This will help us to make future visits even better.

Please complete the form below so we can prepare for your pet's next visit.



“I think it’s brilliant, owners will definitely see the benefit if they have a highly strung or anxious animal.”


“Pennards deal with difficult issues with compassion and care in my experience. This is the most important aspect of veterinary care, how they support owners as well as their pets and Pennards do.”


“When I take my cat to the vets getting her out of the house is no easy task, but whenever I have been at the vets they couldn’t have been more helpful and understanding.”


"The practice has consistently helped one of my dogs overcome the fear of the vets."


"I always find the practice friendly, knowledgeable and professional. They take the fear out of a vets visit for both me and my pets."