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At Pennard Vets, we offer boarding facilities for cats, small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils) and birds at Pennard Vets Sevenoaks.

All our facilities are heated and allows for cats from the same household to be boarded together. Every effort is made to ensure boarding animals remain fit and healthy, however any boarders who become ill during their stay receive the benefit of immediate veterinary attention.

We can ensure your pet is given the best care it would get at home, from grooming to dietary requirements. Any medication your pet has, is given as per your instructions.

We would like to offer your cat(s) a home from home, so we encourage our cattery clients to bring in their cat's bedding and any other accessories that will mean their cat is as relaxed as possible. We stock all varieties of Hill's food, but if your cat is fed a special diet, please let us know in advance and we can ensure your cat is fed the diet she/he is used to.

Cattery Open Times Monday to Friday (for collection, looking round and dropping off)
10am to 1pm
2pm to 4:30pm



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