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Diagnostic imaging

X-rays and ultrasound

How do veterinarians diagnose pets at Pennard Vets Langley Park ?

Our clients at Pennard Vets Langley Park can attend the digital radiography department at our Sevenoaks branch.

We also offer ultrasound , ECG and endoscopy for pets, allowing full investigations to be carried out for a variety of medical diseases.

Care for pets with heart disease

Pets with a heart condition can attend Pennard Vets Tonbridge for a full cardiac scan.

Specialist diagnostic imaging with Audrey Petite

We offer on-site specialist ultrasonographic examination by Audrey Petite, Dr.Med.Vet., DVDI, DipECVI, MRCVS, RCVS recognised Specialist in Diagnostic Imaging and a European Veterinary Specialist in Diagnostic Imaging. Audrey Petite uses the latest generation portable ultrasound system and will come in on an ad hoc basis, whenever our patients require specialist diagnostic imaging or ultrasound-guided procedures.