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Lauren Styles
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Lauren Styles, RVN

Registered Veterinary Nurse


I’ve been nursing since 2007 at a small animal practice. I left there to train in 2009, but dislocated my knee so returned to my original practice, where I stayed until 2014. I began at Pennard Vets in 2014 and began college in 2015. I’m now in my final year.

About me:

I’m known as the crazy rabbit lady with an ever-changing hair colour!

Family pets:

I have one rabbit (Rupert), two chinchillas (Albus and Finn).

A pet I would like to have:

I’ve wanted chinchillas forever so I have my perfect pet, although I’d like a tortoise too!

When I…

Qualify I would like to study for my certificate in Exotics or Surgical Nursing.

I always wished I could…

Volunteer abroad with sea turtles.