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Keyhole Surgery / Laparoscopic Spaying


We understand and appreciate how important and special your pet is, so we know you always want the best for your pet. Neutering is a decision that is very personal to each pet owner, but if you are not planning on breeding from your pet we do advise if for may reasons.

In female dogs neutering is called Spaying, which involves going into the abdomen to remove reproductive organs, which is unavoidably invasive. This is why we are thrilled to offer an alternative way to carry them out which is less invasive, reduces discomfort and has a quicker recovery time.

Laparoscopic or Keyhole surgery offers a less invasive way of performing the procedure. Two small 0.5mm incisions are made to allow the laparoscope (surgical camera) and specialised instruments into the abdomen to do the procedure with minimal manipulation. This reduces discomfort and the two small wounds are less likely to be noticed, reducing the risk of infection and allows a faster return to normal activity.

We don’t offer keyhole surgery for cats as the incision required for this is generally very small and there are not the additional benefits we see for dogs.

You may have heard of ‘Keyhole Surgery’ in humans but this is something fairly new in veterinary medicine. At Pennard Vets, we are always looking for ways to improve our level of expertise and care we can provide and are pleased to be able to bring you this new service.

It also means we can offer other procedures via keyhole such as taking biopsies for liver, pancreas and intestines in a less invasive way.

How do I make an appointment?

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"Just a week after her lap spay our labrador is back to her old self. You wouldn't believe she has recently had major surgery. Pennards supplied three tins of wet food which she loved with no tummy or toilet problems. She wore her T-shirt for seven days continuously, no problem, and has shown no interest in the very neat wounds. Amazing!"

The C Family

“I decided to go for a laparoscopic spay partly because Bo is a very active little dog, she also has a ‘big brother’ and the thought of keeping them apart and quiet for two weeks seemed impossible. The process of recovery has been amazing! The following morning after surgery she was back to normal, I had to keep her on a lead in the garden that day or she would have been bouncing all over the place as usual! We had a pre-op consultation with Ewan who explained every little detail of what to expect, the nurses are fantastic, you can tell they are all genuine animal lovers. They even took the time to call the following day to see how she was. Pennard vets are honestly the nicest vets practice I  have ever used.”


“The benefits of the laparoscopic spay were clear.  Less pain, a small scar and quick recovery time.  Everything was better than expected. Rosie was  full of beans within a day. She didn’t once look at her tiny stitched area so didn’t need to wear the head collar. I was amazed at how tiny the area operated on was, as well as the success of the procedure itself. The vets and nurses were very caring and friendly towards Rosie. They also followed up on the operation calling me to let me know how she was doing on the day and keeping in contact in the following week.” 


“The recovery was remarkable. Less than 24 hours afterwards, Martha was back to her normal bouncy self. She only had to keep the protective t-shirt on for 36 hours before it was deemed unnecessary as the incisions were so small, she simply wasn’t interested in getting at them and they hardly impeded her. I fully recommend the laparoscopic spays at Pennards Vets, Martha’s was a complete success.” 


“As a vet myself, I was aware of the advantages of a laparoscopic spay: safe, quicker return to normal activity and less painful for my bitch. So, when I found that they had started doing them at Pennards, I was delighted. Pennards were, like always, efficient, professional, providing a great service.”