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Ellie Cross
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Ellie Cross, RVN

Head Nurse and Pharmacy Manager


I’ve been a veterinary nurse for over 20 years now. I became officially qualified in 2003. I joined Pennard Vets as Tonbridge Head Nurse in March 2005 and since then have taken on the role of pharmacy manager for the whole group, which means I am the person responsible for buying the Christmas stock every year!

About me:

I enjoy being out in the countryside when not at work with my family and dogs.

Family pets:

My family consists of my husband, daughter and four border terriers (who are the well-behaved ones!)

My favourite dog walk:

Anywhere in the countryside on my own with my dogs.

When I can I:

Take part in country pursuits.

Interesting fact about me:

My first career choice was to be a gamekeeper.

I would like to meet:

Sir David Attenborough.