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Why is hydrotherapy good for pets?

We offer a hydrotherapy service to our Tonbridge clients. At our branch in Sevenoaks we have an underwater treadmill and fully qualified and trained staff to advise and offer treatment to your pet to cover a range of conditions.

The therapeutic use of warm water (28 ° C–30 ° C) – or hydrotherapy – is one of the oldest treatments known to mankind.

Water’s buoyancy, hydrostatic pressure and its warming effect combine to improve strength and endurance of musculo -skeletal tissues. It can also improve the range of joint motion and improve cardio-vascular and cardio-respiratory endurance, all while promoting a sense of well-being.

There are various forms of hydrotherapy, but we firmly believe that the treadmill we offer at our Sevenoaks clinic is the most useful.

Hydrotherapy referrals

There are various indications and contra -indications for hydrotherapy, so we will only treat your pet if your veterinary surgeon at Tonbridge has referred you to our hydrotherapy team.

Your pet should a lso be assessed by our in-house veterinary physiotherapist. This will provide an accurate assessment of the condition or injury, and help us to write up a hydrotherapy plan for your pet.

You can download a veterinary consent form from this website to print out and give to your vet.

What next?

When you arrive for your hydrotherapy session, our hydrotherapist will ask you to read and sign an owner consent form, to ensure you fully understand the risks and conditions of use. When you have made an appointment for a hydrotherapy session, you will be sent a client letter, which outlines our rules and regulations.

Washing and drying your dog

We can help you prepare your dog for hydro therapy, and with the drying afterwards in our dedicated facilities, or you can do this yourself . You can bring your own shampoo; or we have a standard hypo-allergenic shampoo for you to use.